greg Hopkins - print & MARKETING FULFILLMENT solutions


Marketing Services in Redwood City

products & services to help you increase revenue, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty

I offer print and digital media solutions that will meet your current business needs and grow with you as your business grows.  I provide products and services as one-off solutions or as part of an overall outsourced program where I manage all aspects of your print and brand related marketing needs.


Your specific solution will be tailored to your current and long term business objectives.  Solutions to help you increase revenue typically include a combination of:

  • Local Marketing through easy to use web portal incorporating print and email marketing
  • Direct Mail campaigns maximizing ROI through data analytics 
  • PURL campaigns
  • Promotional Incentives

I also help you drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases through:

  • Transpromotional mailings (direct mailings including logo'd high perceived value items)
  • Gift card programs
  • Promotional incentives

I provide web enabled project management and online marketing services, AND provide solutions around your digital and print marketing needs to reduce costs and streamline:

  • Print Procurement
  • Proofing and editing
  • Distribution of warehoused print items
  • Fulfillment and online proofing of templated variable data digital print on demand items, from business cards and flyers to postcards with downloadable OR uploaded mailing lists.
  • Fulfillment of electronic media (emailed pdf's ppts, etc.)
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Fulfillment of all operational business documents, stationery, and marketing collateral

Uniform and apparel fulfillment programs

  • Fully integrated factory direct process, providing total control and QC from fabric, to factory, to you
  • Full design services available to refresh your entire line
  • Factory direct business model passes savings on to our customers
  • Total control and ease of ordering through our MultiSource fulfillment technology
  • National network of integrated distribution facilities

Outsourced statement rendering services - every statement is a marketing opportunity!

  • Full statement rendering design services to insure maximum brand impact and corporate identity

  • Statement Presentment services - We help you increase online billing compliance reducing costs
  • Your Data is Secure:  SOC 1/SSAE Type II Certified and HIPAA Compliant
  • Fully integrated print, production, billing services
  • Lowest possible postage cost