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Case studies



case studies


Customer:  Large Consumer Products Company

Need:  CEO wanted "1000 points of light" allowing their multiple brands to become easily accessible to employees

Solution:  Built easy to use e-store, provided wide selection of decorate on demand apparel, available with 10 of the company's brands  

Result:  Branded apparel available to employees nation-wide, zero cost of inventory


Customer:  Large Consumer Products Company

Need:  Brand Manager wanted  BtoC e-store for new revenue channel

Solution:  Provided product ideation, fulfillment, and system integration allowing desired look and feel of site, along with all necessary data analytics to successfully drive program

Result:  New revenue channel a success, while promoting and creating excitement around the brand


Customer:  Large Utility

Need:  Overall Print Cost Reduction, and streamlined Project Management

Solution:  Provided sole-source project management tool and dedicated account support team

Result:  Saved over $1,000,000 in first year while taking gaps out of supply chain and giving visibility to print spend


Customer:  National Convenience Store Distributor

Need:  Quick turn for critical invoice forms and reduced freight cost

Solution:  Producing forms on East and West coast, distributing from 4 warehouses, 2 West Coast, 2 East Coast

Result:  Reduced turn time to 1 day for most locations, and significantly reduced freight cost